La Plates, baby...

Not, "La Push"...but, La Plates...;)


While Miss O was at swim league on Wednesday, I was combing through my new Paula Deen magazine (I ADORE Paula, in case you didn't know) and ran across THIS...

(page 46)

((and speaking of Paula's magazine...check out this ADORABLE & Super EASY Cozy Craft idea that she featured this month!))

Anyway...Ms. Paula's grandson is about the same age as Sneaky E & I LOVE it when she features him in her magazine. When I saw little Jack & his beautiful mommy, Brooke in this healthy snack article...I immediately IN LOVE with that AWESOME placemat!!

So, I looked in the back of the magazine & found that it was from a company called LaPlates.

Oh, my....

I went a little crazy over there! (whoops)

They do all kinds of things...especially these FABULOUS plates!

AND these freakin' adorable placemats!!!

(I'm dying for some orange dotty ones with BLACK letters...and some RED dotty ones with GREEN letters...and, and, and...OH, my!!!)

So, I ended up buying Sneaky E a placemat like little Jack' he can begin to recoginze his name in print while enjoying his Apple Jacks...

and I bought these for casual (ahem, everyday is casual here) dining...

The Black Puzzle Link with the khaki block letter in the center...oh, I LOVE!!!

I ALSO found a coupon to use when you check out...10% off.

The code is friend10 ... SO, I did get a little discount (and maybe won't get in so much trouble with Daddy P...ack!)...

AND (I wear you out, I know...LOL), I found a GIVEAWAY here...for two placemats...hop over there & enter yourself for a freebie!

I hope they are as fabulous as they look online...I'll keep you posted. If they are, I'm going to be doing a LOT of my Christmas shopping with them this year!! ;)

I'm off to run some errands, then having a special birthday lunch for my precious Lunchbunch pal, Tracee!

Happy Friday!!

*and I am not sure what is up with Inkfrog pictures are not showing up! You can click on that link to see the pic...Inkfrog, get it together!