The Landscaping Fairy...

has been out at our house this week...

I LOVE the Landscaping Fairy, he's such a sweetheart!

He has done our yard from the beginning and now that things are starting to mature is just beautiful...he comes out takes good care of it, tells me how to take care of things he's planted...compliments my roses (you know I kill everything, so this makes my day...LOL).

I got out the other day & when I came home Matt & his crew had whipped the little area by the fence into was PERFECT!

We really needed something to balance out the height of this "little garage" that Daddy P had's monstrous! From the road, these little green trees REALLY help bring some balance to the yard.

They are about 12-14 feet tall now & should be around 20 feet when they mature...they will also grow together & make a green screen there (making it impossible for nosy neighbors to see us when they drive by). I LOVE that I got pics of this right now because those weeeeeeee wimpy rose bushes will look TOTALLY different next summer!

Well, Friday it was just a regular day out in our yard...(yes, I see men & a backhoe in that pic...I did say it was a regular day...there's ALWAYS something going on in our yard, it seems).

Then they pulled up with the BIG trees...

And they got busy unloading these babies...whew, they were HUGE!!

I have ALWAYS loved Magnolias...they are the most beautiful trees! They smell heavenly & are always green & beautiful...I couldn't think of a better tree to spend money on.

It took them ALLLL day on Friday to get these in the ground & they did also get a few other things done as well...I'm going to get some more pics tomorrow after they finish up & get the pine straw down on both areas. I'm just so tickled to death with them! We were laughing yesterday when we realized that we had some SHADE out in the yard finally!!!

Hoooorrrrayyy!! :)

Well...back to reality.
I'm heading to the laundry's never, ever done!

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!