(More) Puppy Love...

Things are going well with Ms. Katie Scarlett.
The difference between her as a new puppy & our older dog, Smokey is just tremendous! Clearly, Megan works with these puppies every day because she arrived nearly house broken & hasn't had a bit of trouble yet. Smokey ruined rug after rug & we even had to have the carpet ripped up in the playroom because of him!

Miss O has been on Planet Babydoll lately...and Lil Scarlett is her latest victim!

This poor, poor dog! ;)
It sure was nice of the Bitty Twin to lend her favorite shirt & vest like that...

and YES, that's the dog bed I made...obviously I do not have the ability to guess on sizing...that bed is big enough for a St. Bernard!! LOL
But, she & Smokey lay in it together now...he didn't like it at first, but I think he's happy to have a playmate & someone so cute to snuggle with.

Sneaky E is always wanting to hold Scarlett, but Miss O is afraid he will hurt her & is constantly after him to make him put her down. I wonder what she thinks is going to happen while she's at school this week...I can already see E roaming the house & yard with that dog draped over his elbow like a furry little pocketbook...;)

Today is registration & the kids will find out who their teacher's are...I think I'm more nervous than they are! Tonight is our Back to School Pool party for Miss O's grade...I'm really looking forward to catching up with my mommy pals!

I'm going to head upstairs & do the Shred real quick...I took the weekend off...I'm sure I'll be sorry later on today! ;)

Hope y'all have a great day!

& if you're looking for something yummy to fix for dinner...try this recipe...I substitute a small container of sour cream for the cream of mushroom soup & then chopped up a small green pepper from our "little garden" & added it in there...it was SOOOOO GOOD!!

Happy Monday!