Put Me in the Zoo...

yesterday was "member's morning" & the zoo was open an hour early for members...

Sneaky E & I tore out to enjoy the cool morning before the HEAT set in!

We had the best time!
He's usually quite a biscuit...but, lately he's been so agreeable & sweet...I hope the end of those "terrible two's" has finally come!!

We spent a LONG time in the indoor fish/snake/spider exhibit...he just looked & looked at each window, commenting on everything...asking questions....I could totally get used to this!

I guess you could say that this is really my FIRST TIME to have a pre-schooler...

With the other two, I was expecting the next child at this phase in their life...or I was teaching school & expecting the next child...always insanely busy, exhausted & distracted...

this time, I am able to give my undivided attention...I'm witnessing magic every day & SO thankful to be home with him to experience it!

He spent a LOT of time in the Petting area yesterday...brushing the goats & talking to them...he wanted to pet the camels & donkeys...even asked the zoo worker questions about their wild mangled hair..."They not brush their hair??" (eh?)....LOL!

But I think the carousel was his favorite part...riding the Jaguar! ;)

I'm starting to dread Mother's Day Out at little bit...we just have so much fun together...all day long we're planning stuff & running around. I will miss my little guy! :(

But, I know he will have fun...and I will get some things done around here (ahem, like PAINTING that island perhaps...). And speaking of painting...check out this FUN polka dotty paint job on Just a Girl...this gal is so thrifty, it should be a crime! ;)

Today is my sweet pal, Amy's birthday...hope you have a wonderful day!

AND did I tell you that Big O scored a TOUCHDOWN at his first scrimmage on Tuesday night...it was SO EXCITING!!

(I heard anyway, as I was busy with Sneaky Biscuit & his bicycle and MISSED IT...wear me down)

I'm tossing something new in the crock pot today....be back to share a new recipe tomorrow. Feel free to share your crock pot recipes in the comment box...I would love to have some new ones!

Also, I'm still cleaning out STUFF (it never ends)...check my eBay listings if you're looking for BTS bargains...girls 8's & little guy 2/3T.

HAPPY Thursday!!