Show Us Your Life - Favorite Vacation Spots!

I haven't participated in Kelly's Friday Feature in awhile, so I thought this week would be a great time to jump in & share....

Favorite Vacation Spots!

I've blogged about several of our trips...just recently, Charleston, of my MOST favorite places to visit!

You can see more pics from our trip, and HERE...LOL!

Another fave vacation spot for our family is DISNEYLAND!
(not World....LAND)

We flew out to CA year before last on Spring Break...WHAT a trip it was! Big O & I have birthdays two days apart in March...I have to say, you MUST experience Disney ON your birthday just one was such a treat! The kids & I are already plotting a trip for THIS coming Spring Break...we'll see if Daddy P gives in! ;)

I found where I blogged & shared pics HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, AND.....HERE! (LOL)

I am ANXIOUS for fall break to get here...not wanting to wish football season away or anything...BUT, I can't wait to sink my toes into the sand! We go to Destin, FL (along with a gazillion other folks in our town) every year for fall break. It's SO much fun to get down there, have a little vacation time & still get to play with pals...we are always laughing when we get out to dinner or out to ride go-carts & run into someone from home!

You can see more pics from Destin HERE and HERE.

And now, here's a few places that I have NEVER been & would LOVE to visit one day!

The UK...

Cayman Islands...

New York City...

The Grand Canyon...

and of course...Forks, Washington! ;)

and I WILL do these things...just as soon as my children are big enough that they can be trusted to fly in an airplane with a parent who has been sedated...oh, mercy....I am terrified to fly!!!!!!!
I'm glad you stopped by to read about our favorite spots! Do head over to Kelly's Korner & see all the amazing places you can go visit...seriously, it's better than the Travel Channel over there today! ;)
Ok, gotta get up & get to crackin' here...busy morning ahead...LOTS of eBay sales to pack up & ship, going to head upstairs & workout, then get ready to have lunch with The Lunch Bunch™ ! We're celebrating Amy's birthday today & I have totally got to exfoliate my FACE this neglect, tisk!
I'll be back to share that recipe later...I'm sure E will need a nap today after our lunching adventure at Kim's house...that roast just melted in my mouth, it was heavenly!!
Hope everyone has a great Friday! :)