And He's Off...

Yes, finally!

Mother's Day Out has begun!

I took E to school this morning for his first day of Pre-K3...
OH, he was SOOOO, so cute!

His new teacher has him sandwiched in between two of his best buds from last year's was the sweetest thing seeing those three get settled into their chairs looking all nervous, then glancing at each other & recognizing a was precious!

He did really good, gave me a kiss...sent me off with an "Ok, Mom...I see you later".

And Mom ran like the wind!

(no, really I did)!!

There is a wonderful sidewalk out by his school, I clocked the distance of it on my way....exactly one mile to the end of the sidewalk (two miles total if you go to the end & back), I RAN this morning! I have been running inside on the treadmill every day trying to work up to two miles & today I did it outside!

& OH, it is SO much more fun to run outside!!
I'll be doing it more often!

I just wanted to pop in here & blog real quick before I hit the pillow.

Also, wanted to share this with my Twilight pals...did you SEE them last night on the MTV Awards??? I am LOVING the new movie trailer...SO cannot wait...cannot WAIT! :)

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about BURLAP...seriously, it's the RAVE right now!
Let's talk about using it for fall, shall we! ;)