Comfort Food...



It has rained here for the past three cloud cover & even some flooding in our area!

Nasty, for sure!

Yesterday it cleared off just before bath time, so the kids raced out to get some playtime in real quick. Poor Sneaky E was coming down the steps on the side porch & the puppy jumped in his path...tripped him up...he fell down the wet stairs onto the pavement face first!

Oh, he scared me TO DEATH...when I picked him up I was sure he had busted his little teeth out...he had blood all over his face!

He's scraped up, but feeling like his chipper self today...I'm so glad! :)

My cousin, Mary had her baby...Eli...
He is so PRECIOUS!!!
Here he is with my aunt...he's already got the grandma right where he wants her! ;) I cannot WAIT to get my hands on him & kiss his sweet little head!!

Well, I decided to fix some (quick) (and easy) comfort food for dinner & wanted to share this (quick) (and REALLY easy) recipe with you guys.

Chicken Pot Pie!

Here's what you need:

One can cream of chicken soup, one can cream of potato (or celery works too) soup, one can of veggies (or you can use frozen veggies too), two pie shells & two cups of shredded or cubed chicken (I usually use the cooked bird from the grocery, so much faster & still have sandwich meat left over).

Put your first pie shell into the pie pan. Spread the can of potato soup, layer your veggies, then your chicken....

then add the cream of chicken your second pie shell on top & you're ready to bake!

I usually put mine in the oven 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or until the top of the shell is turning golden brown.

My kids LOVE this every is YUMMY!


It's CRAZY busy here this week...tomorrow is Miss O's last swim meet (woooot), then Saturday is the fundraiser that I am hosting a table for...

I have been in a frenzy trying to get that organized AND put out my Halloween decorations (yes, Halloween takes me 2 weeks to get them out, I'm an ADHD Decorator).

The BURLAP is taking form...I've still go to iron it & finish my flowers...but so far it's looking nice!

and my latest insanity...

I'm going to bite the bullet & MAKE curtains for my kitchen (I must be nuts)!!

I'll keep you posted on that one! ;)

I'm off to bed...whew, what a day!

Hope everyone has had a great week...I'm SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!