My 50th Blog Entry!!

I apologize for my lack of blogging...

Mama P had to take a rest, last weekend nearly did me in!
We didn't leave the house on Sunday & believe I could have napped the day away if the kids would have let me!

Saturday morning Miss O had "try outs" for basketball (thank you again, Emily for taking her),

My sister came in from Chatty & went with us to the mother was tickled to death to get out with "her girls" for the day...

THEN, I raced to get my kids & took them up to the school for the fall carnival (BY MYSELF, I might add...Daddy P had a conference all day Saturday)...chased Sneaky E around for 2 hours there!

AND THEN, since Big O's football game was cancelled due to the RAIN...we all loaded up & went out to eat with my sister, her husband & my mother...(keep in mind that Sneaky E never got a nap on Saturday...UGHHHHHH)

it was one of those nights where your whole body just melts into the mattress as soon as you snuggle into your bed...I was SO tired!

The fundraiser was a huge success...all the tables were FABULOUS!

Most people used "fall" as their table theme, so I was really pleased to see that I was the only one using sunflowers (as the official first day of fall had not come yet). ;) I have several good pics to share, but I'll save those for tomorrow.

I was able to snap out of it long enough on Sunday to get my house CLEANED & make my curtains for the kitchen! I really didn't want "curtains"...just something that I could pull over the window when the late afternoon sun is beating us down. Certainly if you have ever been over here, you are nodding your head & saying AMEN, she needed that! I am terribly excited that I will NOW be able to see the food that I'm trying to prepare...that evening sun is BRUTAL in there!

It's hard to get a good shot in there, the light coming in through the windows is WONDERFUL...but it makes the room look dark in the pictures.

I was happy to get the fabric 50% off at Joann's (online), then another 10% off my total order & FREE shipping too! The lines in the plaid made it SIMPLE to fold & iron down...ANYone could make these simple drapes! The rings also came from Joann's. The rods came from Hobby Lobby...CHEAP $9.99 for the long ones & $7.99 for the short one.

Not too bad! ;)

I'm SO inspired this week by some blog posts that I have been reading...OH, my...the crafty (and THRIFTY) goodness!!! Do check back & see what I've found!

I'm getting some sewing done real quick, then taking Sneaky E over to the local Bounce House...he was so excited last night he could hardly settle down for bed (Mama had to read Llama Llama Red Pajama twice last night)!! ;)

Happy Tuesday!!

and if you're still reading my rambling WAAAAAAAY down here (I thank you),

in honor of my 50th blog entry, I'm giving away a FREE POCKET Camera Strap!!

This one is going to be entirely CUSTOM, made just for you using the fabrics & colors that put a smile on your face! :)

I'll be drawing a name on Friday morning! Leave a comment here, that enters your name once. BLOG about my giveaway on your blog & that enters your name twice (link to your blog post when you comment).

Thanks for reading (way down here)...have a great day! :)