Obsessive Compulsive...

I told you I was...

I blogged about that table...claimed to have made peace with the mirror.

Well, no!

I didn't...every time I walked by it started screaming out at me


So, yesterday I yanked it off the wall & took it outside.

Did a little of this...

& a little of that...(do you SEE that slap happy painting job...it's so dark in my foyer, you don't even notice it on the wall)!!!

and pretty soon, we're all one big matchy family again. ;)

Now, I just need to get a little foamy square to put down in that vase so that my twigs will STAND UP (slackers)...I'm thinking about cutting a few more from my mother's yard...we'll see.

My PLATES came in the mail yesterday...that was pretty quick for a custom item. I promptly put them in the dishwasher & they came out looking perfectly perfect! Now, I MUST have the platter too...tisk, tisk! ;)

Anyhoooo...I've just spent three hours in sauna heat, inhaling Clorox at Miss O's swim meet...the things you do for your precious children (my eyes & nose are SITLL burning)...two down, two to go!! ;)

I'm CRAFTING in the morning...Emily's coming out, she's making some bibs & I'm going to teach her how to use the SNAP SETTER (luv me some snaps)...& I'm making Miss O a skirt. I'll be back this weekend to share a SIMPLE (Yes, you CAN) tutorial on How To Make an Elastic Waist Twirl Skirt....Easy As Pie! ;)

Happy Weekend!