Pocket Straps!!

I am finally, finally getting some new things made & ready to put in my shop!!

Sneaky E starts Mother's Day Out on Monday & I will now have TWO full days each week to work...I'm so excited (especially for him, as he LOVES to go to his little school)!

I have been playing around with adding a POCKET to my straps. I love, LOVE my camera...but, I get so aggravated trying to keep up with my lens cap! I have actually LOST ONE before & it wouldn't have happened if I had a POCKET on my strap cover!

So, here is the first of MANY new straps with a FUN little lens pocket attached!

My most popular selling fabric combined with my most FAVORITE new dotty!

I LOVE it!

I will be selling my pocket straps for $16 in my Etsy shop.

I will also still be selling the plain straps for $12. I can add a pocket to any plain strap that is listed for an addition fee, IF it has not already been made. Some of my plain straps are already pre-made & stocked, so I might not have any more of that particular print to do another.


It's been just a wild, wild week here (oh, every week is wild here...what am I saying!)...

I was SO proud of Big O last night...catching a pass in the end zone to score the extra point for his team (they don't do field goals yet)...he is really doing well this season!! I'm so proud of his hard work!!

However, now...Miss O has had SO MUCH homework this year, it has REALLY worn us out!

I never gave homework like this when I taught 2nd grade...just a quick math practice sheet (we did Saxon Math) & an activity that centered around our spelling words (that I hoped you were studying at home)...Monday it was write the words 3 times each, Tuesday night you picked our favorite 6 words from the list & write a sentence using each of those....NEVER gave homework on Wednesday nights...then Thursday night put them in ABC order...& I NEVER gave homework on the weekends!!

I really tried to respect other people's FAMILY time & the fact that not everyone has just ONE child to tend to in the evening...AND the fact that SOME mama's don't even get off work until 5 pm (and still have to fix dinner, etc)...and the simple fact that the KID'S BRAINS are EXHAUSTED after 8 hours at school! Some people just don't have 3 HOURS every evening to battle a 7 year old who is assigned a bunch of busy work!

Can't you tell I'm stressed out about that...

Ok, rant over...hopefully, next week will be better...I SO hope so!!

In the mean time, I wish I could just curl up into a ball & take a nap like this...

silly little puppy! ;)


I am remembering today and I hope that you are too....

remembering those who lost loved ones and praying for the men & women who are STILL fighting for us...

I'm so proud to live in this country!

God Bless the USA!!