Sunflowers & Burlap...

I am loving this decorating with Burlap!

Saturday I used Sunflowers, Blues & paired them with some iron really turned out nice...simple, but nice.

I found my sunflowers at Hobby Lobby...they have THE BEST floral selection & they were 1/2 price!

My little blue frames came from the clearance isle...$3 for a pack of THREE (so, I got NINE frames for $9). I had some nice ivory paper already, so I just printed off everyone's name in a yummy chocolate (the font name is Hawaii Killer) & then tied on some simple garnish. The iron pieces I already had (purchased from Southern Living at Home catalog).

All the tables were BEAUTIFUL & very creative!

this one was my favorite...

isn't that fantastic!

The BEST part of the day was the company!

My mommy, my sister, my precious neighbors & my favorite, favorite camera pal!

Thank you, girls for lunching with me...what a fun time it was!

My LEAST favorite part of the day would be a tie between these toe pinching SHOES (how do people wear shoes like this all day!?!?)

& getting outbid on that awesome Kenny Chesney autographed (framed) tee shirt!


Oh, well...I didn't need it anyway.

It was a great that I will always remember...for reasons that I am not allowed to share at this time... ;)

& that's all I can say about that....


Alright then...


Happy Wednesday

& don't forget about my GIVEAWAY on Friday!