Wait...Wait for me!!!


I need a personal assistant latley...I just can't keep up!

I've started running...not just my normal daily running of kids, grocery & all that...but RUNNING for exercise! You may remember me talking about The Shred...well, I've added a little run to my routine & I am LOVING it!

We had a WONDERFUL, Relaxing Labor Day weekend here at home...I'm SO glad! The rat race was starting to wear me down a little!! Now that I'm rested, I think I can make it until Fall Break!

However, I promised to share a little tutorial on how to make a skirt...ACK...I forgot to take pictures while I was making it & now I have nothing to share! I'm sorry, I'm lame! :( I'll just have to make another one soon & I promise I will take pics then.

I DO have a little project going...I'll share it with you this week & I'm happy to report that Emily is a professional snap setter now & is ALSO making little people pants with french seams...yeah, we were crafty on Saturday! ;)

Here are a few pictures from our Sunday afternoon boating adventures on Grandma & Poppy's boat. We had THE BEST time...it was so pretty up on Center Hill Lake...the water was still warm enough to swim.

We just rode & relaxed...the kids took a turn driving the boat.

However, we stayed out a bit too long & ended up getting caught in a storm (no lightning, thank heavens)...

I don't think I have laughed so hard in years...my side hurt all evening from laughing until tears rolled down my face as the rain beat us down heading back to the dock!

Poor Grandma was down in the floor of the boat protecting little folks with a towel...LAUGHING as hard as she could!

The image of Poppy taking on "the perfect storm" will be embedded in my mind forever...he was so serious & SO hilarious!!

& then of course, Daddy P just along for the ride...having himself a big time, loving the adventure of it...he cracks me up! ;)

Well, I'm heading out to take Big O to football...then trying to come up with something creative for dinner...CLEARLY, I am going to have to hit the grocery in the morning..my crock pot is EMPTY!!

Hope y'all have a great evening!

Happy Tuesday!