Words ON Wednesday...

You know there's nothing Wordless about me!

This is going to be my ONE post for the week, then we are off for the beach! I'll be back to regular blogging & adventures on October 10th!

If you're shopping in my Etsy store, it will be on vacation notice until that date also.

It has just been plain crazy here...we went out of town on Saturday, had a stew of things Sunday afternoon, had SPUR OF THE MOMENT re-scheduled football games on Monday & Tuesday night...it just occurred to me this morning that I might consider packing, since we are leaving in 48 hours for our Fall Break trip...

Yeah, welcome to Crazy Town!

The RAIN has finally stopped...almost TWO straight weeks here, whew!

Saturday, Big O's football game got rained out & I was actually glad because we didn't want to leave him behind while we loaded up & went to Knoxville to enjoy a football game at the University of Tennessee!

People, it RAINED all the way up there...RAINED!!


It rained all afternoon when we got up there...RAINED, like standing water...flooding! There was actually a news crew filming a flooded side street close to our hotel!

We decided to brave the game anyway & kept our fingers crossed that it would at least tone down to a sprinkle by game time...

The first thing we did was head to the Bookstore to buy some ponchos!

We got there JUST in time to see the TN Marching Band & Cheerleaders make their way to the stadium...I was tickled to death because we missed the Vol Walk (where the players go to the stadium).

And here comes the mascot Smokey...
(yes, we have a weiner dog named Smokey also)

Before I could get my camera turned around & adjusted, he grabbed up Miss O & started dancing with her!

She was TORE UP!
Look at her sweet face...I doubt she will ever forget this trip to Knoxville after that! I think Big O was secretly disappointed that Smokey didn't dance with him too! LOL!!!

We hit the bookstore next & poncho-ed up...& of course had to get some UT souvenirs (notice the Smokey hat on Miss O's head...)!

Mama P DID go to the ballgame...we have evidence now!
(there are NEVER any pictures of me, LOL)

And crossing fingers must have worked (either that or Lane Kiffin had been praying hard that afternoon), because the rain STOPPED completely 38 minutes before kick off...and the weather was PERFECT for some Big Orange Football up on The Hill!

We enjoyed the band...and of course The POWER T!

It was a GREAT time for sure!

I believe my favorite part was making sure that I embarrassed my children in public...classic!

Baha...little peeps! I'm just getting warmed up...wait till you bring that little girlfriend home for the first time!

(Oh, I'm kidding...sorta) ;)


Just wanted to pop in here & share...I'll be back to regular blogging on October 10th! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful fall weather!

Take care!