Coffee Table Party!

What a great weekend we had!

The kids spent the night with Emily on Saturday night so that Daddy P & I could go out on a date. We had dinner with our pals, Bo & Tracee at JAlexander's. Daddy P has decided that this is his NEW all time favorite steak he's ever eaten (and if you know him in real life, you know that this is seriously important information...LOL).

Yesterday, it was just glorious outside!

We played & I worked on my new Craigslist find!
$75 & just a 15 minute drive away!

Here it is before...

AND after...

Still drying here...the stain is completely FLAT.

The top turned out EXACTLY like I wanted...flat, NO shine...looks almost like driftwood.

I wanted to go darker on the legs, but I just couldn't get the colors right.
It was totally easy, the sanding was the hard part (gosh, my shoulders are still sore)!

Here's my next project, ALSO just $75...

This is the inspiration...(but, alas I don't want to spend $800)

I also like the black on the bottom & a stained top like this...

I'm going to try & work on it some this week, but it will probably be the weekend before I can really take a crack at it.

It has a LOT of character...

But, boy is it going to be a lot of work!

I'll keep you posted on that one. ;)

Got to go get some laundry & sewing done!

Happy Crafting!