Fabulous FALL!

I'm so glad we got out & played in the yard on Monday...that ended up being the ONLY day that we could! It has rained all week & now it's FREEEEEEZING!!!

I think the kids are ready to get back on schedule...it's been a nice fall break, but two weeks is almost too long to be out of school!

(I love this shot of Sneaky E...got his pants wet going down the slide...he's OCD about that, I'm surprised he didn't strip down to nakie immediately afterward)

We went to see Where the Wild Things Are last night...

I was really disappointed. :(

The movie characters are the book illustrations brought to life...absolute PERFECTION...but the movie itself was BORING!

Sneaky E loves going to the movies & has always been GLUED to the screen every time we've gone, but this one didn't hold his attention at all...he did watch (& laugh) at the scenes where they were "being wild"...(because he digs "being wild", you see...)

(and can you believe how big this dog is now!?!?)

Big O said the movie made him feel a little sad & Miss O said "it was ok, but a little boring" (and I'll not quote Daddy P's opinion about it here...LOL)...

I never could bond with Max after his display of "mischief" at the beginning of the movie...(it was borderline juvenile delinquent)...I think that shocked all three of my kids speechless!

The setting reminded me of The Dark Crystal or Never Ending Story meets The Blair Witch Project (the shaking camera part, I was getting car sick)..the characters were a little bit scary (but at least those movies had PLOTS...this movie was just *yawn*)!

Oh, well...maybe that's just us & it wasn't really that bad...I guess you'll just have to see it for yourself to decide.

It is FREEEEEEZING outside...I nearly ran out & hugged the gas guy yesterday when he came to fill up our tank...I CANNOT WAIT to enjoy my fireplace!!

Anyhow...I'm sewing this morning...totally shutting the sewing room door & getting down to business! ;)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!