FINALLY, Beach Pics to Share!

I apologize, friends!

I have been drowning in children, suitcases & laundry here!
I really should know better than to even SUGGEST that I might have a minute to myself while these kids are home on break!

I believe I am ready for ANOTHER vacation now...
(minus three kids, that is)!

Things were so crazy before we left, that I didn't get my house cleaned, we came home to a not so clean house & that is just one of my biggest pet peeves!

So, I spent the better part of Monday & Tuesday trying to mop, vacuum, dust & what-not...the other part of my time was spent driving up & down the road to take Miss O to basketball camp (it is something ALL the time here).

Yesterday, Miss O had a playdate with one of her pals...I got a sitter for Sneaky E & Big O and I went shopping. I think that was the first time I have enjoyed shopping with that boy since he was in the infant carrier! ;)

On Tuesday, while cleaning out his closet I found that poor Big O didn't have ANY pants that fit, nor did he have any shoes....AND most of his long sleeve shirts were hitting him two inches above the wrist....


I couldn't get over how much he had grown since last spring...wearing a size 14 pants & an 8 1/2 in MENS shoes!!

Needless to say, we spent some money...

but Daddy P understood, the poor kid was in need!

And, I was SO proud of him! I did order him a couple of shirts & a hoodie from Abercrombie last week, but HE is Mr. Thrifty! Our first stop was TJ Maxx (because Mama was having Maxx withdrawl). He went right over to the clearance rack & found jeans that he liked for $10 a pair!!! I made him try them on...they looked FANTASTIC on him...I was so proud of him finding such a great deal, I bought him FIVE pairs (which if you have shopped for older kids, you know that is equal on ONE pair of jeans at Abercrombie...).

and then somewhere along the way...Sneaky E has REFUSED to sit in his carseat!

I knew this day was coming...I must admit that I GRIEVE over this, because I LOVE that wild zebra print carseat SO much! ;)

But, alas...Ms. Carrie let us borrow one of their booster seats for the trip & yesterday we picked up a new "big boy" booster back car seat at Target for the Sneaky Biscuit!

He had the best time at the beach...he wore himself out chasing waves & I wore myself out trying to keep that little nose covered up! It had just started to heal from his fall & he looked like I had "missed a spot" with the sunscreen all week long with that bright red spot on the tip of his little nose!

However, he became a champion NAP SKIPPER last week & we found him passed out asleep all over the place...LOL!

I have a couple more shots on my phone, he was snoozing everywhere! LOL

We had a great time relaxing with Grandma & Poppy...can't really come up with any stories about what we did while we were there other than just dragging our chairs out to the sand...all we did was play (and eat). ;)

& I'm already looking forward to going back next Fall Break!!

It is FALL here, that's for sure!
I've just about got everything ready for our Halloween costumes & bought some goodies for our neighborhood Halloween party yesterday (can't wait to blog about that, SO much fun!!)....

I'm going to share some Halloween decorations tomorrow (yes, TOMORROW...I promise). ;)

I think I might even add a Mr. Linky so that you can share your Halloween decorations too (let me see if I can figure that out)...go get your camera & take pictures...I totally need some inspiration, mine this year are very lame!

Happy Thursday, friends! :)