Halloween GOODNESS!

Yeah, it's finally time....one of my favorite seasons of the year!

I love the colors & smells that fall brings...crispy air, gorgeous blue skies & THE LEAVES here in Tennessee are just AMAZING in the months of October & November!

I love the decorating, the yards, the costumes....the CANDY!!!

Last year, the kids & I did several fall/Halloween crafts...but, I think making Caramel Apples was my FAVORITE one!

and I also loved last year's pumpkins at Grandma's...

and not to mention last year's costumes...

(yeah, just wait till y'all see what they've decided to go as THIS year...they are hilarious!!)

I don't do a lot of outdoor decorating for Halloween. It's WINDY on the hill where we live, so I am limited to what i can put outside...I have been through a lot of outdoor decorations, chasing them down...everything I use has ROCKS down in the bottom of it now! LOL

In the house, I have one little area where I "decorate"...I use these cute plates that I found at the Maxx (I wrote the kid's names in paint pen myself), the stars came from Joann's this season & the other pieces were gifts.

The rest of my "decorated" spaces are made up pictures...I couldn't buy decorations in the store that would make my heart smile quite like these...

My favorite part of Halloween is looking back on the years past & remembering the fun times we have had with the kids & our families.

Ok, so...what about you guys?

Share Your Halloween Goodness!

If you've blogged about decorations (yours or just some you love), costumes or even yummy recipes, please share a link below in the comments section.

(while I continue to try & figure out Mr Linky) ARGH