Puppy Power!

I apologize for not blogging about this sooner, but SOMEONE chewed my card reader up...

I don't remember if I shared this news yet or not...probably not, because I had HOPED that Daddy P was just JOKING!

But, alas...no.

Meet Lu Lu. :)

Sneaky E wanted to name her "my dog" & I thought it would be a good idea to call her Charlie after her former master....but, the kids settled on Lu Lu & it fits her to a tee...she's so, sooooo sweet and now that she's officially OUTSIDE & not chewing up the inside of my house anymore I can honestly say that I LOVE the little gal! ;)

I've been so busy this weekend...Saturday morning we rounded up my Craigslist finds...I can't wait to show you what $150 will get you these days! ;)

Check back, I'm loading up furniture pictures right now!

Happy Monday!