This is so seriously tempting...

but, I think my family would for sure think I had gone off the deep end!

If I were a teenage girl, this life size Edward Cullen cardboard stand up would definitely be on my Christmas list!!! ;)

Ahem...but since I'm not...LOL
I guess I'll have to think of some more age appropriate gifts to ask for. (Although, he would look SO very nice standing right here next to me in the craft room...) Baha!


I've got to get some (busywork...er, I mean) classwork done...ARGH! Just wanted to pop in here real quick & tell you about this GIVE AWAY!

Check out THESE adorable Christmas Countdown Cookie Sheets!

they are ADORABLE!!
I love handmade holiday goodness!

You can WIN ONE over on Jen's site...Tater Tots & Jello!
She makes these precious handmade advent calendars...do check them out!

Ok, getting busy...
Be back later with more shopping goodness later!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!