Halloween Fun!



Two days in a row!?!?

Go, ME!!!

I'm still trying to recover from the weekend & I bet you are too...

fun, busy times for sure!

Last week as a fun spirit week at school & Friday was Storybook Character Day. Miss O was thrilled to have an opportunity to take her favorite stuffed pig, Wilbur to school...

and Big O got talked into going as a Dazzling Edward Cullen (or otherwise titled "just any excuse to wear a shirt without a collar")...he was handsome, I'm sure the little Twilight fans were swooning. ;)

Saturday morning we were up & dressed for Spook Pictures with our pal Heather.
These three were cracking me up ALL day long!

I LOVE that they agreed to all dress in theme again this year! E is absolutely OBSESSED about ballgames (well, since he is constantly being shuffled off to take someone else to one). You can hear him DAILY saying "I go ballgame?"...I found Big O's pee-wee football uniform in a box last month & it has been on Sneaky E's body CONSTANTLY since then!

I found Miss O's costume at the Disney Store online...thank you, High School Musical folks for making my quest to match people an easy one! ;)

I was seriously terrified that Big O wouldn't "do" Halloween this year...I know it's coming, last year several of his friends were too cool to dress up...it broke my heart! But, thankfully he found something that he could have fun with...and boy did he run with it! LOL

Is he not hilarious!!

Then there's Daddy P...taking advantage of Vampires being so darn cool & hip these days...gotta love that! ;)

And one sweet shot before we head out to hunt candy...

I'm playing catch-up today...I am CRAZY behind here!!

I think I mentioned Daddy P's plan to put "Six Leather Recliners" in his media room...(good grief)...THANKFULLY, I was able to talk him out of that & we've been playing musical couches around here! I re-did a coffee table and a sideboard/dresser for my "new living room"...and yesterday I combed the Maxx for a couple of new lamps & some simple accessories to tie it all together. Let's just say that I AM IN LOVE with this new living room...I'll share some pics soon!

Got to jump up & get to cracking...

hope everyone has a SUPER Tuesday!