I cannot believe it's time to shop for Christmas again!

I've been shopping online, which is how I try to get MOST of it done! My anxiety every year is not having enough "little gifts" on hand. I'm bad about wanting to give a little something to everyone (which is usually why I bake like a fool)...

anyhow, I was looking on Etsy for some sweet goodies & wanted to share my finds....some of these are things I've shared in the past (and are just so darn cool they deserve a repeat), some are new & some are handmade items from people I actually know and am honored to send these awesome gals your business! ;)

Ok, got your coffee?
There's a bunch!

First up, let's talk about dressing the lil folk. I love a handmade goodie worn on lil folk! Look at these adorable holiday finds:

Karen's Rockin' Reindeer Tee (she is THE best, her quality is AMAZING)...

STINKIN' Cute Santa Skirt & Leg Warmers from Jessie at Alexis Princesswear Boutique! I want these for ME! ;)

and TRY to resist this amazing Holiday Bubble Skirt from Kristen at Gock's Frocks! OMGosh!!! She kills me with cuteness!

I ADORE this one for a boy or a girl...sweet snowman tee!

and I am ordering these for my boys...how totally cool, applique TIE tees!

Now SCARVES are just the rave this year...check out these:

Megan's Brassy Bunch Scarves....I bought one of these last week & got it in half a blink! I'm finding it hard to give up, I may have to keep it for myself & order MORE! Darn you & your goodness, Megan! ;) Do check out her blog & her shop...lots of patterns & DIY kits for you crafty gals! I LOVE her things, she just has that naturally COOL touch on everything she does!

Here's ANOTHER awesome scarf made by my SWEET, sweet pal Angie of That Funky Boutique (another one of those gals that everything she touches turns to COOL)...she's the sweetest and is MEGA talented...AND did I mention that her scarves are made from 100% recycled SWEATERS!!

And speaking of sweaters...I finally found one for my head! LOL
Etsy seller Goldiesknits...SUPER fast shipping & I LOVE my new headwarmer, it's SIMPLE & very well made! She also has some other (ahem) rather interesting things in her shop (warning) that weren't really my taste...LOL...but, the head warmers are awesome! ;)

Here are a few other sweet little finds for lil folk...

So CUTE Scrappy Dolls made by my AWESOME friend, Jenn! This girl is the master of scraps! ;)

and how about these Crayon Holders by Sew Fantastic!?! They arrive with a fresh pad of paper AND new crayons....both Sneaky E & Miss O have these and they are THE best!

Here's a cute find for the messy eaters! These are just too cute!

and you know I'm crazy over placemats! I love these from Sweetmady's!!

Now, I think these monogrammed bathroom soaps from Marilyn would make THE nicest little teacher gift! I'm trying to decide if I want to order up a bunch or just order the LETTERS and try to DIY like Chris.

here's another really nice small giftie...very unique and totally the gift that keeps on giving! ;)

Awesome Car Litter Trash Bags from Allyson Hill! I have one & have given them as gifts, they are ALWAYS loved!

and I have to give a shout out to my friend Erin at Ink Obsession!
SO talented, SO sweet...she's FAST & her cards & invites are INCREDIBLE quality! I love this gal!!

Ok, how about you guys?
Find any good stuff out there?
Share a link in the comments, I would LOVE to see!


and here's something I'm on a hunt for....E has had these twice already...the stinkin' cutest boots ever! I need a size 10 or 11 in toddler...let me know if you run up on pair, I want to put some under the tree for my little cowboy this year!

Ok, anyway...I've got to get off the computer & get some things done!
It never ends here!!

Hope you have a great Friday!
I'll be back over the weekend to share pics...I SO hope I can get something Christmas Card Worthy out of my kids tomorrow morning!!!!