Well, Round ONE Was a Bust...


Here's a highlight from my first attempt at Christmas card pics 2009....


I'll try again, I guess.

Although, I did get few decent shots of them separately...I may have to do a scenario like that instead. I'll see what I can savage. I did get this one good one of E...what a biscuit he was!

So irritating....but, certainly not shocking! ;)


On a happier note...LOL...I am having GREAT LUCK with the handsoap project from Chris, Just a Girl's website...the Goo Gone ROCKS!


this morning while I was in Publix, I found the Softsoap handsoap on sale for $0.79 EACH!

Needless to say...I stocked! ;)

What a NICE little giftie for VERY little $$!

Speaking of giftie...Megan has her shop restocked...HURRY, those scarves & aprons won't last long (I snatched up three this morning, myself)!