Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year.

Well, sorta...
I've messed up a few times, but I really did try.

I know you are a busy fella, so I thought I would help you out by letting you know exactly what I'm wishing for this year for Christmas (see, I do try to be good). :)

I've been working hard to get myself healthy & would love any of these games to play on our Wii Fit...working out with Jillian GETS RESULTS!

I'm almost out of smells...Juicy Couture is still my fave! :)

I could REALLY use a new hand mixer...any ole brand will do...mine is on it's last leg ( beater left).

I can't stop loving this rockin' leopard coat from Garnet Hill...does it not just scream my name!?!?

I'm also needing a new hair dryer...yeah, I know...but I just never can remember to pick one up when I'm out...and these are SO cute!

It's DRY SKIN season...I would SO appreciate a big tub of Arbonne Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub & Body Lotion....LOOOOOOOVE this stuff & it's ONLY sold in their holiday promotions!!

You know you're getting OLD when you ask for these...but, holy cow...the hardwood in this house is FREEZING in the winter time!!!

AND last (but, certainly not least)...I'm still holding out for that big, sparkly gift...

yeah, you know the one....

Mama's stone would so love to relocate right here...

a girl can dream, right!?!

I just went back & looked at last year's Christmas list...definitely see some repeats on there! ;)

Thank you, Santa Sir!