Excuses, excuses....

Well, it's been one big holiday snowball here!

I know that sounds like a lame excuse...

I was going to blog about my Christmas candy, but then my internet service was down for 2 full days last week (Merry Christmas, eh?)...back up finally around noon on the 24th...unfortunately, life has just been a blur of paper, toys, food & family since then!

I broke away & got on the treadmill yesterday...I needed to clear my head...nothing like a good run!  I start "official training" on Monday...I'm going to run my first ever 1/2 Marathon in April!  Thirteen MILES...holy cow, I must be nuts!

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend...busy, but fun...we even saw a few snowflakes on Christmas Day!

We woke up on Christmas Eve morning to find our Elf reminding us of the reason for the season. ;)

& I always try to get a family picture on Christmas Eve...I think this is the first time EVER that I've thought to use the timer on my camera & get in the picture too...naturally, the biscuit would NOT cooperate without Mama behind the camera calling threats & bribes! ;)


Typical, typical Sneaky E! 

Mama P received a HUGE, unexpected gift from Santa!

I'm still just staring it at here on the counter...it's a MONSTER...I'm terrified to use it!!

Looks like I'll need to be practicing more this year, can't be cranking out funky pictures when I own a camera like that one!!


Daddy P is supposed to be on vacation for the holidays...perhaps that's why he was at the office seeing about someone Saturday night, again early Sunday morning, on the PHONE with the office at least FOUR times yesterday, AND he's back up there again right at this very moment...

The man is precious, he can't stand for anyone to be hurting...works himself into a frenzy!  He's near impossible to take care of...he WILL not relax at home!


I'll be back in a few days to share...that candy recipe, a YUMMY breakfast recipe, a room make over, some new aprons & camera straps....and bless, that Sneaky E is getting a new bed (long story)!  Gotta get this man rested & let him spend some play time with his little family!

Have a happy week!