Lovely Moss Letters...

Ok, finally back with a tutorial for how to make those Moss Covered Letters we were drooling over...Blogger is acting funky today...please excuse all these excessive breaks & took me forever just to get this entry to post!

I would like to wish my mother in law a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Nana!!



Remember we found these delicious letters on Etsy...

but, I was too cheap to buy one! (and I just like a crafting challenge)

So, I decided to hit the craft store & get some things to make my own...

Here's what you need:

• Your letter of choice (and size)...I wanted a monster letter, so I picked the 36" one!

• Super Moss Preserved Sheet Moss
 • Hot Glue Gun

• Ribbon of choice

• Rotary Cutter (or scissors)

I ended up needing a little more than one pack of the Super Moss for my SUPER big letter. If you're using a smaller letter, one pack of moss should be plenty.


I did my craft shopping a Joann's for my letter & moss...I accidently picked up this pack thinking it was the same thing I used before. WHAT AN EXCELLENT mistake!! This stuff is SO MUCH BETTER than the other kind that I used...this sheet moss is ATTACHED (note the clear mesh on the back) & not going to fall all over the place when you work with it.


SO much easier,

I will NEVER use the other stuff again!!
  To get started, I just put the letter face down onto the sheet moss and traced it off...


Then, I used my rotary cutter to cut it out (EASY)...scissors will work as well, but with the rotary cutter you don't have to pick the moss up...which means it's not coming apart & making a mess.

 Now, you're ready to hot glue...  

Take a minute to get your game face on.  

Most likely you are going to get burnt by the's just a rite of passage for a crafter. Be careful, of assured that you will probably feel a burn on your finger that will briefly hurt like a son of a nutcracker...

if do get burnt, you should be smiling because you have earned a new badge for your crafter sash...all TRUE crafters get burnt every now & then...I promise. ;)


 It takes a little while to piece it down on your letter, hot gluing as you go.

The sheet moss makes it SO easy to cut the pieces of the sides & inside of the letter...I LOVE this stuff!


I think in all, it took me about an hour to do this 36" cardboard P...

((and I was only interrupted by my children EIGHT times during this hour))


I used some ribbon that I had on hand, and hot glue it to the back.
However I ordered FOUR yards of burlap to make some garland for my Christmas tree for next the one on Just A Girl (yes, I'm just obsessed with Chris...she's a total craft rock star)! ;)


You just cut it in strips...(rotary cutter, baby)...easy as pie!

I'm going to make a burlap bow to go on my moss letter (since that brown ribbon I used is just not powerful enough for that large letter) & hang it in the kitchen after the holidays.

((oH & someone paint color is BURNT COPPER by Porter Paints....))


OK, now...DON'T stop with just the moss!

You can add all kinds of garnish to your letter & use it all year long!

(isn't this door amazing!!!)


Here's my price breakdown: 

36" Mega Letter $7.99

Moss Cloth $8.99

Glue gun (and a gazillion glue sticks), had on hand

Ribbon ($1), had on hand 

Crafting Total: approx $17-$20 

AND, I found a new DIY gal to drool over...Check Out Lindsay's site, Living With Lindsay (and note the line about glue gun burn...ahem) ;)

Ok, I've got to get busy here...

what an INSANE week...just INSANE!!! 

I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of Jesus...and I really wish that was all it was about!   

Can we start a petition here to stop the madness!?!? 

Golly gee!

Ok, the Grinch here...signing off! ;)

Happy Wednesday!