Recycled Christmas Crafts

Well...the other day while I was putting out my Christmas decorations, I ran up on this cute little pear topiary under the cabinet. He's been in there for awhile...and I kinda have a rule about that sort of thing (and this applies to stuff-stuff, as well as clothing).

If you've been there 2 years & not been touched, used or worn...
you are fair game for Goodwill OR being Recycled.

Since I was having a Craft Withdrawal episode, I decided to take a break from decorating & tear into this little guy! ;)

I had some of this sheet Crafty Moss (from Joann's) that I was itching to, I decided to take the pears off & recover with some fresh moss.

The apples pulled right out & are now in my craft stash for future use...yeah, craft recycling at it's finest! ;)

I used some simple Craft Glue from Joann's...this is the "cheaper version" of the Tacky Glue & it works just as well.

Now, HOLD ON!!

Before you jump out of your chair & start crafting must be aware of the MESS this Super Moss is going to make in your crafting area!!!

You will most likely have a moment that you feel overly stressed because it looks like you're just making a BIG FAT might even hear someone laughing about your mess behind your back...

DON'T give up...take a deep can do it!
I was terribly pleased with how my little topiary turned out & still had a lot of Super Moss left brought on a genus idea...I dug into the trash for this little box I just threw away after I unpacked my new Southern Living Candle.

EASY Peasy!!

Then, I left them both in the sun to dry.

And after I got my big MESS cleaned up (it wasn't really that bad), I added a little garnish (also recycled from my stash).

Now they're both looking right at home in my family room...

Simple recycled crafting that didn't cost me an extra penny...I love that part the best! (and did I mention that I still have a whole SHEET of that moss left over...yeah, I'll be making another mess real soon!)

Today's going to be a crazy day...our big Christmas party is tonight!

I know I must be nuts to agree to do this thing out here at the house...having all these people out here & decorating every inch of my house...

I guess I do it to honor my Granny.

She had a BLOWOUT Christmas party at her house every year that I can remember...all of her friends came out & brought a was the yummiest holiday potluck EVER! I miss that part of Christmas. All those little ole folks in their gawdy Christmas sweaters...glittery shoes...they were just SO precious!

She always decorated every last INCH of her took us WEEKS to put it up & it took us WEEKS to take it all down...for the grandkids, it was pure hell!

and I never, ever thought I would miss that.

But, I would give away ever single thing I have right now to be able to do it for her one more time...

I miss her so much...

especially at Christmas. :(

Well, she would for sure kick my butt for playing on the computer on such a busy, I must jump up & do her proud!

Y'all have a wonderful weekend...I hope to have some PARTY pics to share tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!