Yummy Chocolate Pecan Salted Candy!

Yes, finally!

Sure, my house is still SO trashed...of course I'm hiding in my sewing room blogging!!

We ran out of town for a mere 36 hrs...took the kids to Wilderness at the Smokies...they had NO idea where we were headed & were SOOOO excited when we pulled into the parking lot!

We unloaded, had dinner & had fun at the indoor water park for maybe 4 hrs & then folks started dropping like flies!  First Miss O starts in with this COUGH (out of nowhere), coughed so much she was throwing up our first night there!  Then, we get up and head out for breakfast...Daddy P is running a fever & has flu like symptoms...back IN the bed he goes (he is STILL sickly even now that we're home)!  THEN, Sneaky E starts saying his belly hurts & spends quality time sitting on the potty...

Big O & I were washing our hands every five minutes & sharing hand sanitizer....needless to say, Mama took zero pictures...it was hardly a Kodak moment!

Classic family get-away for us...just CLASSIC!

But, Big O DID get to do the Surfer Challenge in the water park...naturally, I missed this because I was back in the room with potty boy...Daddy P said that he didn't fall one time, a total natural!  I guess Big O will be MUCH more interested in those surfing lessons when we return to the beach next year, that kid can do ANYTHING!


Back early last week Miss O & I got busy on her room again...it's been an ongoing project for about 6 months now...*sigh*...it's STILL not finished & it looks like I'm going to have to either STAY UP all night & do it while everyone's asleep, OR wait until folks go back to school...

However, we have had FUN painting! ;)
How can you not have fun using colors like these!

I've tried to get rid of this little vanity stool, but had no takers....it found itself the victim of one of my spray paint raids last week!  ;)

I promise to share her room as soon as it's done...I promise! ;)


Well, how about some CANDY!

If you're like me, you're wearing elastic waist pants & on detox by now...NO MORE sugar or sweets for me!

But here's a recipe for any time of the year...it makes a GREAT gift & is SO yummy!!

I found this recipe in my Southern Living magazine a couple of years ago...this one is a TOTAL favorite at my house now!  It is FAST & SOOOOOO easy to make!

You will need:
Baker's Chocolate Bars...semi-sweet and white chocolate
(you can use nuggets as well), 
Finely Chopped Pecans (not pictured), 
Sea Salt & Parchment Paper

Preheat your oven to 225.

Line your baking pans with parchment paper, then place your chocolate in the form of a checkerboard.

I could not find the white chocolate in the bar form this year, so we had to use the baking chips instead.  It doesn't have to be perfectly aligned, but your chocolate should TOUCH & not be placed off the parchment paper (unless you enjoy scrubbing baking pans).

Please keep in mind, after your family has tasted this candy...the next time you make it, you will attract "little helpers" of all kinds... ;)

When your chocolate is ready, place it in the oven for FIVE minutes at 225 degrees...DO NOT leave it in longer than FIVE minutes...VERY important!!

While your chocolate is melting, prepare your pecans.

The Southern Living recipe calls for LARGER pecans, but we like ours finely chopped.

You will remove it from the oven, just as it begins to "sweat"...

Once you remove your chocolate from the oven, you have to MOVE FAST!

Be ready with skewer or knife, it's time to SWIRL!!

If you swirl too much, your white/brown contrast will disappear & leave you with plain & boring "light brown".

After your swirling is complete, add your pecans AND drizzle with sea salt.

A fun variation is to use DARK chocolate with the white chocolate & add shredded coconut when you add your pecans & sea salt (almonds could also be substituted here as well).  

Place your baking sheets in the fridge for at least an hour after your candy topping is in place.  After the candy sets, you break it into bite sized pieces...and you're ready to go!

Easy, no?

Well, I'm jumping up to get a pile cleared down here...Christmas is back in boxes, waiting for Daddy P to get well & haul them up to the attic.

I'm looking forward to lounging in my jammies later & watching the Three Stooges marathon on AMC! ;)

Happy New Year, Blogging Friends!