The Beast gets a Make-Over

This morning, I was visiting the Before & After Party over on Thrifty Decor Chick  & I ran up on this AWESOME Hutch Make-Over on Sweet Something Designs! You must go check that out...the more she puts on it, the better it looks!!

It REALLY got me motivated to complete a project I started on before I began putting all my Christmas decorations up...I've been ITCHING to finish this one!

However, before I share MY "hutch make-over"....I have to share....I have a NEW favorite blog...All Things Thrifty...but, please do not visit unless you have time to whip up some goodness...crafty...oh, she's so crafty!  ;)

Well, I've had the hardest time keeping "The Beast" decorated in my's just an overwhelming piece of furniture!

I really wanted to keep it decorated with the same stuff...I feel like I spend way too much time moving things around for the holidays, etc & really would like to just change out a few pieces instead of revamping every few weeks!

I started collecting these dishes from Southern Living at Home recently...but hated keeping them in the cabinet.

So, I had Daddy P cut me a little piece of wood and I added a little plate wedge on the top shelf of the big guy...

THEN, started pulling stuff out of storage!


I've been hunting for some Mercury Glass pieces like this is so old & thrifty looking, I love this look!

I found this old candle stand, it's been in storage for over 3 years (& you know I have rules about this sort of thing...). Sure it's a great piece...but it's not so great hiding under my cabinets!

Enter the Heirloom White...

I also used this on an old, cheap glass candlestick (like fifty cents from a garage sale) that I had as well...then gave it a good ole roughing up with steel wool.  It will work until I find a mercury glass piece that I like better. ;)

I also had some assorted trays & glass pieces that were discards (FREEbies) from family.  "Give it Mandy, she can make something with it"...*snicker*...

 I am NOT even close to being finished, but I think I'm off to a great start here just using things that I had on hand.  Here are a few shots (yes, Daddy P...I'm using my new camera fear now!!) ;)


I'm thinking about some hydrangeas that I saw at the Maxx recently...I think they would look fetching in the bowls...I always have to have an excuse to go back to the Maxx! ;)

WELL, I'm getting ready to watch a movie with the kids...

they're upstairs playing 
(however, it sounds like they're filming a Jackie Chan movie up there)...

hopefully, they're all worn out & ready to relax for a little bit. 

THEN, we're making homemade meatballs for our spaghetti dinner tonight!  Those three sure LOVE to get into trouble in my kitchen!!  ;)

Tomorrow's their last day of Christmas vacation, so I'm taking them out all day to do special stuff that they chose..(oh, gosh...not Chuck E Cheese, anything but that...please!!!). 


Happy Monday!