EASY No Sew Burlap Project

FINALLY back to share a little burlap project after being a single parent for the weekend!

Although, I DID have a troop of helpers this time...Nana, Grandma & Emily kept folks overnight one night (thank you, guys!!!)...

I managed to sneak away for a fun evening with the girls!  Carrie & Tracee took me out to eat, to shop (can you say blissfully lost in Barnes & Noble for over an hour, whooohoooo!!!) & then we went to see NEW MOON again before it went off the theater!

Fun, fun evening!

and speaking of...I heard this morning that the New Moon DVD release date is expected to be March 20th...whooooo...I feel a movie party coming on, girls!!! ;)


Well, I recently whipped up a little table runner for my newly painted black craigslist find! Black shows dust something fierce, so I wanted to save my sanity & have something in place to cut down on the dust....(this one is entirely NO SEW, but I did sew a wee black stitch all the way around the edges for decoration...it would have been fine without)

plus, I also wanted to be able to use it to decorate with...so I made it a little bit longer than necessary & added a bit of stencil action on the ends. ;)

It's working out nicely with some of those goodies I snagged at Hobby Lobby recently...(and can you see the HUGE difference in this picture after I thought to ADJUST the White Balance on my camera...much less orange, MUCH better...live & learn)...

(now brace yourself...stupid story ahead)

After I made the table runner, I had enough fabric left over to make a panel for my laundry room...

but then I ran out of fabric, so I had to order more.  

BUT, I couldn't remember where I ordered it from in the first place 

& when it came in the mail, I realzied that I had 

ended up ordering from a different company....

SO, when it arrived it was not the SAME burlap (slightly different color)....

classic....just CLASSIC!

SO...I had to start completely OVER!



But, that's ok....because now I have a little tutorial for you to show you HOW EASY it is to work with burlap!

How to make NO SEW Burlap Curtains...

I took a large 60" piece that measured 3 yards long (60"x109").

Then I folded it in half & ironed it down nice & neat.

I used my rotary cutter to even the ends on both sides.

Then, I opened up the burlap & cut it right down the middle on the ironed crease.

I decided how long I wanted the curtain to be & folded over a 12" piece at the top, then ironed it down.

Then added my metal curtain rings.

EASY...so very easy!

(ignore my laundry stacked all over the counters...I can keep it clean & folded...no problem...putting it away is something else entirely)

I did iron the entire curtain panel, but it needs it done one more time.  I decided that I am going to add some fringe on the bottom...like these:


Well, now after all this...I ended up with a problem...I still had this piece of burlap from the original panel.

SO, decided to make another table runner to share with my readers (cause I'm sweet like that, you know). ;)

Who wants it? 

I didn't add the stencil yet, I thought I would wait & see if the winner wanted one or not.  

All you have to do is leave me a comment.  If you blog about this give away, come back & share a link & that gets your name entered twice. :)

The last day to enter your name is Thursday at 5 pm (central time).  I'll draw a name that evening & get your runner running in the mail on Friday! :)

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!