SOOOO Excited!!

I finally talked Daddy P into it...doing the Disneyland trip again for Spring Break!

Much to do, much to do...planning outfits, booking character meals, scheduling another photo shoot with Shannon!!!!!

I'm VERY excited!!

Except for the part where I'm already having nightmares about the flight (I am TERRIFIED to fly)...

(& did I mention that I'm TERRIFIED...Ahhhh!!)

& speaking of excited...look what I found for my craft room

(which is a disaster & to find it in here would be like viewing a page from Where's Waldo...)

I love that thing...gets me in the crafty mood! :)


It's looking like a Soggy Sunday here, blech!

I am so ready for SPRING!!

& I've talked Daddy P into another project...let's see if we can get this one cranked out today...I finally figured out a way to make our hideously fat bookcases work in the living room!!!

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday!