Got Snow?

Boy, it's cold out there!!

But, not too cold for these three...


Mama had to go back in the house! ;)

I've been taking advantage of our snow day...

(aka...a day when children busy themselves draping the entire upstairs with blankets and using every pillow & cushion to make an elaborate system of tents & forts while waiting for their father to come home from work early & play with them out in the freezing cold)

to work on a little organizing project.

I'm so LIST oriented & waste so much time when I don't make one. :(

So, I made myself a little notebook...

Watch out, folks!
Mama's tired of being unorganized! ;)

I'll share that one with you when it's finished.

I'm curling up up with my Snuggie & some cocoa to listen to the kid's snow playing adventure...what a day they had!!

Happy Snow Day!