One Organized Mama!

I've finally got my little notebook together & ready to share with you!

For awhile now I have been looking for a planner to use, but just couldn't find one that was ME.  I hated to pay money for one & then be marking through it & making changes in it, so I finally took the time & made one CUSTOMIZED just for me and my busy family.

Just one week with this little beauty & my life already feels SO much more orderly!

Back when I taught 2nd grade, I made my own plan book instead of using the blank ones that they gave out at the beginning of the year (because I was too lazy to keep writing the same bulk of words over & over every single week).  It was SUCH a time saver & I LOVED my customized daily planner!

Naturally, when you're riding by the seat of your pants like I seem to be doing lately...a DAILY customized planner is pointless.

But...a few simple GOALS daily is not.

Lately, I have felt like I just WASTE an incredible amount of time...I complete a task & then cannot seem to move on to another or even remember what needs to be done (well, who can with a sneaky boy making smoothies & grilling graham crackers when you have your back turned...) (YES, seriously)...

NOW, all I have to do is look in my little domestic book & see what tasks need to be completed.  Things like "clean out the car" (blech), I would not think to do because it was just NOT up in my face (sad, yes...I know...I'm so ADD).  

My pages are in clear pocket covers, so I can use a dry erase marker & wipe it off at the end of the day.  I LOVE paper, but this is better for our planet & the clear covers last a long time.  I cut a small piece of my Mr Clean Magic Eraser off & keep it in the side pocket, it wipes the pages off PERFECTLY.

I also have a section for each child, with an accordion folder so that I can keep up with their papers & schedules & important stuff...I am IN LOVE with this section & my desk (& their cork board) is SO much cleaner!!

I'm planning to add another section to log my running & yet another one for my daily devotional time & little prayer list (yes, I am so sad...if I don't write you prayer for you)! LOL

Here's a few pages already at work:

I can add things to my housekeeping list (notice how CLEAN THE FRIGE...BAH...was a Wednesday assignment & is again on my Friday list.).  I draw lines through the tasks when I'm done, then just erase the entire page at the end of the day & move things to the next day's list that didn't get completed.  

Really, if you think about it you're going to spend less time on housework in the long run because the MESS has not been allowed to get out of control!  No more ALL DAY cleaning sessions for me...I'm finally in the ballgame (I may be batting 8th, but I'm in there)! ;)

Here are a couple of sites that are focusing on Recipe Organizing (oh, maybe ONE day...).  Do check these out!

Inspire Me Crafts

Ta Da Creations

(& isn't Angel's dotty book FAB!!)

WELL, I'm off to pick up the kids from school...

Miss O's basketball season begins this weekend, practice tonight & her first game is tomorrow!  I'll be back with that BURLAP tutorial & give away this's ON MY LIST! ;)

Happy Friday!!