The Photoshop UnScholar...


WHY must this be SO complicated!?!?


I've been struggling to learn the basics on Photoshop for years now & totally get absorbed when I finally figure something out!!

I frequently visit The Coffee Shop (and make little donations whenever I can, I might add).  

Rita shares all these amazing photography tips, editing actions, templates & never know what you're going to find over, she EXPLAINS it...there's a tutorial for EVERYTHING!!  

I LOVE this gal!!

Recently, I uploaded her Five Picture Storyboard template to use & have had a party plugging my Christmas pictures into it (my butt is totally numb)!

Here's one that I just finished. :)

CUTE, huh?!
((& yes, you know we have family is the BIGGEST bunch of Sock Monkey fans...these giant monkeys were gifts to my kids from sweet Uncle Doug.))

Hop over & visit her some pictures are SO much prettier since I discovered her! ;)

Happy Wednesday!