Spring Inspiration...

Oh, the irony....

we're on the edge of our seats waiting for the biggest winter storm of the year to hit...4-8" of SNOW predicted....


I'm dreaming of SPRING!

(warning...long...haven't blogged all week....blog post (slash) rambling nonsense...ahead)


It's been a busy week here...Big O went to the allergy specialist on Monday.  The poor guy has been down with funky (environmental) allergies/asthma for forever & has shown signs of a food allergy...so, we decided to go & get the skin test done.  The doctor suggested that we remove dairy & chocolate from his diet (his lifeline...OMGosh, heaven help me) and change some things in his room.  

SO, out we went & bought him a new mattress...for the rest of the week I have moved furniture & literally WIPED DOWN every single inch of his room...shelves, baseboards, pictures, books...everything!  

I'm exhausted!!

But, it's helped...he got up yesterday morning & said "hey, my nose isn't stopped up".

Next, Sneaky E is going...he's been broke out in a rash off & on for a month now...

it never ends!!

Thank goodness one of my kids is "normal" this week...


I've been working on a new house project this week...the demon shelving system in the living room (here, I've already started cleaning them off & moving them out)! 

Ignore my gigantic ladder...I can't lift it & it's stuck in my living room until I can convince Daddy P to move it back out to the garage...ARGH!

and of course, I have a little REF in my living room...don't you?!?! ;)

This is just another one of those things that I didn't speak up about when we built the house.  (Oh, & that girl is SO gone...from now on, I'm going to be just like Leigh Anne Tuohy from the Blind Side movie...)  I makes me so mad...if you're going to do something...do it right, people!


Clearly, the cabinet guy & I were not on the same page because what I asked for was this:

I should have made him fix it, but I am (was) too big of a wuss!

I got out yesterday & took the shelves to our local mom & pop building supply store, nothing but country boys in there...perfect gentlemen! ;)  They cut those fat shelves in half for me & now I'm ready to get this project DONE!  

I've got to repaint the inside & the shelves anyway & now I'm considering putting beadboard wallpaper up across the back...like this:

What do you think?

(more on this nonsense later)


in the mean time let me update you on those Hobby Lobby bargains I found earlier this month...

Nothing a little Heirloom White can't doctor up, eh?

I have to say, after doing this project & the big, bad beast makeover...I was all puffed up & feeling like a total decorating diva when my new Pottery Barn catalog arrived! ;)

Thank goodness they changed direction...this time last year their catalog made me gag with all those mod colors...I just don't do trendy...blech!

This one is eye candy on every page...beautiful farmhouse style...I'm loving it!

However, I also love to save money...and spending $24 on a lone candle holder is a no-can-do!

I set out to the Maxx yesterday with my PB catalog in hand...it's my only hope in there!  I'm so easily distracted, I always stroll in with a magazine in hand to keep me on task!

I had some GREAT luck too!

Over in the garden/spring section...look what I found!

Schweet deal!

I also ran up on this in the clearance, not a thing wrong with it!

Here are a few other things I picked up...all were CHEAP finds...I spent very little & got a table full of spring (PB) inspired goodies for my "new" living room shelves!

(seriously, I warned you this was a long one...)


My blogging friend Kacey is having a What's For Dinner contest this week...get over there & share a recipe on her site & register for a PRIZE!!

My other blogging pal, Paige was telling me that she's finished up using some beadboard wallpaper at her house...I'm anxiously waiting for her to blog about it! ;) In the mean time, hop over & see how she added some beautiful details to her master bathroom!

Oh, my...this one was long!
Well, thanks for reading all the way down here! ;)

The snow is falling & the ground is turning white!! 
Time to start rounding up the hats, gloves & mittens and crank up a fire!

Hope everyone has a FAB weekend...

tomorrow is Daddy P's birthday & we're spending the evening at the Opryland Hotel (where by sheer coincidence the Twilight Convention is going on this weekend...haha...I'll be back to share about that later)!

Happy Snow Day!