Gosh, I am so lame lately...

The cold has just really gotten me out of my groove...I ache, my KNEE hurts (haven't been running, waaaahhhh), I'm ready for bed at 8 pm, not to mention my horrible dependence on comfort food...I am freezing to death all the time...getting old really stinks!

Not only am I sick of being cold, I am ANNOYED at myself because that seems to be the only thing I can focus on lately!!  I'm totally getting on my own nerves!!

Spring, feel free to make an appearance...ANY time now...we're looking for you!! ;)

This is the kid's first FULL, five day week of school since Christmas vacation (yes, SERIOUSLY)...they are like a like a trio of angry grizzly bears in the morning!!

This is  Big O's first full week of baseball practice for the middle school team.  I cannot get over how his appetite has changed this week...he's eating his plate at dinner, getting a refill, then still needing a snackie before bed!  Whew, that boy!

Then Sneaky E is going through one of these phases...

oh, dear...heavens...wear me out!!

Big O & his bud rode dirt bikes all weekend long.  This is the first time I've gone with them to ride (I rode the 4 wheeler. Took Ibuprofen for two days afterward.)  This was hard for me...they go SO FAST...scares me TO DEATH.

But they do look so very cute (especially that little one on the end)! ;)

Ok, enough whining from me...I'll be back to share baby goodness...I'm working on invites & getting them in the mail, I must be disciplined...I'll be back to share as soon as they're done! :)

Happy Thursday, Sunshine!