Snowed In!

Well, the weekend didn't go as we had planned...

It snowed.

It snowed a WONDERFUL snow &

we were snowed in all weekend long!

The kids missed school Friday, Monday & are home again today...(tomorrow is not looking good either).

We've had glorious fun!

All four kids played (yes, 4...Daddy P is my honorary oldest child)...

they sledded, they drank hot chocolate, they played, they made snow angels & they tore up the yard on the 4 Wheelers, they built a snowman, they played a little bit more...

they brought in mud, they brought in soggy mittens, they brought in wet coats, they brought in dirt caked pants, & they brought in soaked shoes....

my washing machine is waving the white flag!!!

(& I am wishing for my clean house back, whew!!) 

I'm working on my hall (fabric) closet today...I have no words, it's like a monster in there!!

Living room shelves are DONE & ready to share, do check back!
I have TWO fantastic recipes to share this week...YUMMMMMM!

& I couldn't take it anymore...I HAD to spray paint something...the withdraw was just killing me!! ;)

Lots of goodness this week, do stop back by soon!
The kids are busy cleaning up their rooms & getting ready for a mean game of Rummikub this, fun times! ;)

Happy Tuesday!