The Techie Ambulance

came and got my computer...

it's been acting sickly.  :(

I think it might have caught a "birus" (as Sneaky E would say). I'm on the laptop in the meantime (can you say sllllloooooooooowwwwww).

Meanwhile, we're bracing ourselves for another round of THIS...

OH, Spring....

Please hurry...I'm freezing!!

I've got a couple of new projects to share, as soon as my computer is back in action. 

Big O went to the Valentine Dance at school last night...don't tell him that I have a video camera on my phone now, he thought I was just searching Craigslist while he was out there cutting some rug! ;)

(that is the best $2 application that I've bought yet!)

Hope everyone has a very sweet Valentine's Weekend! :)