Terrific on Tuesday!

We're home today for snow (again)...

taking advantage of a  free day to get some school work done (Big O, King Procrastinator)!!  Sneaky E & Miss O need finish Valentine's Crafts...

I thought it would be fun to share some TERRIFIC things I've found lately...

(warning abundant use of the word Terrific ahead). ;)

Check out the TERRIFIC job on these NO SEW Pillows over on All Things Thrifty!


Love that fabric!
However, if you DO sew...check out these TERRIFIC Pom Pom Pillows!

Aren't they awesome!

Now, say hello to my NEXT crafting project...compliments of Megan's Tutorial Tuesday session (gosh, I love that girl)!!

Say it with me now....

"That's TERRIFIC!"  ;)

Now HERE'S a Terrific IDEA for your little guy's next birthday party...check out Lisa's 007 Birthday Bash that she threw for her son, Joey!

I'm totally tucking that one into my party file, Big O would LOVE a 007 party...heck, Daddy P would love a 007 Party!  

(for that matter, even I would love a 007 party...as long as Daniel Craig was going to be there)


Ok. ;)

Here's one that took me awhile to figure out...
a concept SO easy, it was hard...but, I can assure you our mornings are much more smooth now that I have a drawer downstairs devoted to it!

go check out this TERRIFIC time saving idea...

She's just plain ole Terrific, isn't she! :)

So, you remember the cute customized soap dispensers I told you about...

check out THIS terrific (and EASY) Frosted DIY Craft!

I love that!

Michelle did a TERRIFIC job turning this concrete ball into a Pottery Barn inspired show piece!

She also shares a few other PB inspired projects, do check her out!


That's some terrific stuff, no? ;)

I'm off to spend some playtime with my three TERRIFIC kids before it's time to make dinner!

Hope y'all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday too! ;)

(oh & I almost forgot...from my last post...yes, I am planning a baby shower...SO much fun, more to come)