Baby Goodness...

Baby Fever!

It's happening at our house right now...

NO, no, no...we're not expecting...

(even better)

my sister is!!!!

I never thought it would be possible to love someone else's baby as much as I love my very own kids...

I haven't even met this little guy yet & I would totally walk through fire for him! 

Ah....Baby Love, I can't wait to meet you. :)

I've been promising y'all some baby goodness for a couple of weeks now...I am just now getting a chance to SIT down in front of the computer & share...(and it's not even Crazytowne here yet either...holy cow!!).

(did I mention Inkfrog is giving me fits today, I don't know if these pics will show up or not, ARGH)

I know I've given some of these people a shout out before, but they're so awesome they deserve repeat! ;)
I have personally bought from & tested products from MOST of these sellers...I'm delighted to share with you some of my FAVORITE baby finds for my own babies and for gift giving. :)

How cute is in training set for a little guy or girl...too funny!

How I WISH I had one of these with Miss O...oh, my...she was a SWADDLE baby! The tighter she was wrapped, the happier she was!  Adorable Swaddle Pod by LilyandLoustudio on Etsy.

Now, HOW funny are these!!
TrulySanctuary baby onsies on Etsty...I haven't tried this seller, but I do LOVE these CUTE tees!!


I have just recently discovered this fabulous quilt maker on Etsy...Sweet Baby Jamie... after seeing some babydoll bedding that she made for Jen. I bought one from her to give as a gift (not the one pictured of course).  Let me sum it up for you like this...BEAUTIFUL...WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. (enough said, go buy her stuff)! ;)

REVERSIBLE attire for baby made by Just Kiddin...we've had 2-3 of these & they are SURVIVORS!
She makes overalls & reversible skirts, tees & little baby booties too! Carol is awesome!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful goodies from Take A Bow on Etsy...we've had the honor of owning one of Jen's creations & her work is FLAWLESS, you will NOT be disappointed! ;) 


Now, I haven't tried these personally...but what's not to love!?!
Adorable diaper covers by Olive Jane...SO SWEET!!

I LOVE this seller too...E has a couple of her custom tees & they're awesome quality! Olive & Olly on Etsy, you're going to find a little bit of everything...boys, girls & it's alllllll cute stuff! ;)

I ADORE baby hats...Poor E was the victim of my baby hat craze, I'm sure he will hate me when he's older & sees those pics! ;)  Tip Top Applesauce is run by one of my oldest boutique pals, Lucinda (who just recently became a gramma, congrats!!!).  Let me tell you about this gal...she is OCD about her work & your item will arrive in a state of perfection that will take your breath away! ;)  She's a rock star!!

Another master of their craft is Heather of Little E Designs...good luck finding hand crafted hair goodness better than hers! ;)

Here's another crafter that I swear by...Becky is the BIB MASTER!  I know bibs, people...I have three kids! I have given her bibs as gifts for YEARS now & they are THE BEST!  Get over there, go won't be sorry! ;)
If you like to give baby products...this is my fave!  My boys have super, duper, sensitive skin...Sneaky E used to the the most horrible diaper rash I have EVER seen on a baby's butt...we tried EVERYTHING & Arbonne baby butt cream was the ONLY thing that would clear it up!  It is awesome & well worth the money! 
and saving the best for last...


without a doubt, 

my MOST FAVORITE place to buy a baby giftie...

If you want to be the giver of "THE GIFT" at a baby shower (yes, that's one of my lifetime goals...being a good gift giver)...your mommy-to-be will treasure this gift forever!


However, I must also's so very hard to order Custom, Hand Embroidered Goodness for babies who have no name yet...


I'm just sayin'...  ;)

So, there ya go...a little baby love!

Do you have a favorite baby love shop?  PLEASE post a link in the comments, I would love to visit!


The sun is FINALLY out...

It's SPRING here at my house now, people!

I mean it...

turtlenecks put away, 

boots in the box, 

FLEECE is now a faux pas...

I'm shopping for Easter, putting up decorations, buying swimsuits...

and don't forget the Pedicure...

Open toe shoes...even if you're freezing & your nose is is MARCH...

This is THE SOUTH & this southern gal is moving forward with spring (even if mother nature IS NOT)! ;)

Now, I'm off to pop some benadryl & begin my spring cleaning...Spring Break has begun & it's Honey Do Weekend at our house...those Christmas lights are finally coming OFF my front porch! ;)

Wishing Y'all a Beautiful 
Pre-Spring Weekend!