The Baby Shower!

What a wonderful weekend!

We had the best time visiting with family & friends yesterday at the shower for Baby Love & my sweet baby sister, Kim.  We watched movies & had a great big family breakfast this morning...then (most) of us took a long, lazy Sunday afternoon nappy! ;)

Gotta love that! 

Now, I'm awake & refreshed...all ready to tackle that LAUNDRY that has been breeding the past couple of days while I was busy! :(

I've been really busy planning this for the past few weeks, I really wanted it to be special for Kim & her husband Aaron.

My sweet pal, Heather came out and took some pictures (thank you, Heather!!!)...she got lots of pics of the food & the people & the belly...I'm SO glad, because I got about five shots & then completely forgot to take any pictures! (Bah!!)

I did get to finish up on the sweet baby banner for my mantle, I wanted to blog & show you how to make one but I just ran out of time...SO, I'll try to make another one this week to use for our annual egg hunt next weekend.

This one was EASY to make...turned out SO cute!!

Maybe Heather got some more pics of the tables & decorations...this one was all I $14 moss basket from Homegoods (that I took to my florist, who waved his magic wand over it...too bad that part wasn't $14 too...ha).  AND my sweet little baby buggies...29 CENTS at the local Goodwill!  Love that!!

Here are a few shots I got...

Yes, the sock monkey craze lives on...

Luckily, I passed the camera to Daddy P (who was supposed to be "babysitting", but decided the food at the shower was way too good to leave the house).  It worked out that our sweet pal, Kate came to play with Sneaky, Daddy P got to refill his plate again & again & again! ;)

They were the cutest heading up the stairs hand in hand...

Kate is just like her mama, one of my sweetest & dearest friends...I LOVE that we have children the same age. :)

Miss O was the perfect "gift giver", she helped Kim decide which gift to open next...(note the sneaky boy who dressed himself that morning trying to get in on the action because he KNOWS his birthday is next weekend & he's dying to open some gifts...that stinker)!

Had a great visit with friends & family that we haven't seen in WAY too long...

Miss O showing gifts to Grandma & Nana...

and had friends come & help...all because they love us...

Tracee & Carrie, thanks so much for coming...we love you guys (Carrie, you left just in time...Daddy P was camera crazy!!).

In all, I think we had a great turnout & I certainly know I ate until I was about to pop!

Hopefully, Heather will share some pics on her blog...I'll slip you guys a linky if she does.

Well, I'm heading in the kitchen to help Daddy P fix dinner...he loves to cook on Sunday night (I just wish he loved to clean it up after he is done...).

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend...

Happy Sunday!