Easy & Adorable Art

Missing my crafty time...it's been too busy here lately!

I'm getting things placed & ready for the baby shower so that all I have to do when I get back from Disney is CLEAN my house!  Haven't packed the first thing...I gotta get on that this week!

I bought this really cute little boy card a few weeks ago & decided to turn it into something sweet to use on my foyer table at the shower.
I had some left over, cheap wood frames & a bit of burlap laying around...the next thing I know...

I've got Adorable Art!

The best part...it was EASY! ;)


I used a sandpaper block to distress the edges of the frame to give it an "old & worn" look...

then I simply measured, cut & ironed down my burlap & attached my card & satin ribbon with a wee bit of craft glue...

There ya go...

Easy & REALLY cute...I'm hoping my sister can use this in Baby Love's nursery or somewhere in her house.  If not, I'm sure it will be right at home somewhere in my upstairs little boy kingdom. ;)

NOW...let's see...what can I do with THIS:

I've got an idea...but I think I'm going to need to hit the craft store first. That turquoise velvet ribbon...I am having an affair with it right now...good golly, it's so bewitching!  I'll keep you posted & share this crafty goodness this week before we leave.

and look what I ran up on when I was cleaning out my closet under the stairs that is still a flippin' disaster and haven't accomplished a single thing trying to fool with that mess....

Yeah, I had forgotten about this picture & was SUPER excited when I dug deep & found the original on my computer files...I'm going to order a BIG one of these for my playroom, I LOVE this pic (and I made that outfit for Miss O, way back when she had no opinion about her clothes)...(gosh, I miss THOSE days!)

WELL, it's GLORIOUS out here today...Daddy P has almost finished the Honey Do List & I'm thinking I might sneaky away REAL quiet today & hit the Maxx & Old Navy, wanna go with me? ;)
Hope your Sunday is beautiful!