The Force Will Be With You...

Always! ;)

Back to editing pictures from our trip & wanted to share these fun shots from Jedi Training in Tomorrow Land.

The last time we visited, Big O was all over this attraction...but not this time. (Boo!!)

Here's his training session from our last vacation out there...

Mr. Cool sat with Mom & Dad while Sneaky E & Miss O begged to be picked for this wildly popular Star Wars show!  If you have a Star Wars fan, Jedi Training needs to be on your list if you're going to Disney...


I'm SO glad the both got picked (the very first time we went to the show)...

I wasn't sure how Sneaky E would handle this...

Darth Vader was SO scary...I cannot imagine how big he must seem to these little people!

Sneaky E was thinking it over very seriously...(or maybe feeling badly for this kid behind him)

thank goodness he didn't fall apart like this poor little guy...

(bless his heart)

Miss O battled the evil Sith Lord...gosh, he was mean looking!!

She did a great job! ;)

Sneaky E ended up in Vader's line...

He tore into him...the Jedi Master had to make him stop!!!

Then he lead the little jedi masters across the stage to receive their certificates...

and a giddy Miss O ran up to HUG the Jedi Master when it was over!!

I had to laugh!!!

So fun!!
You must also ride the Star Tours ride over there as well, it was JUST LIKE riding with Han Solo...I loved it!!

Well, I'm out the door to pick up a pizza for dinner.
It's BEAUTIFUL outside, we've been out in the yard all afternoon...I am SO not cooking tonight!!

I'll be back to share again craft room is CLEANED UP & I'm all ready to crank out some craft, baby!!!

Happy Wednesday!!