I blinked....

and suddenly, it's THURSDAY!

Not just Thursday...7PM on Thursday evening!

What a crazy week!  

The spring RAT RACE has begun here...EVERYONE is playing SOME sport this time!

I sat down & got it all organized in my planner & it appears that Sunday, Wednesday & Every Other Friday are the only nights that we are home together as a family...AND Monday night we have to be at three different locations at the same time...*laugh the crazy laugh with me*...Oh, my stars!!! 

I am so very stingy with my family time lately...we stay so busy...time just keeps blinking by!

Like with this guy...

I'm "on break"...Daddy P did "event duty" this evening while I stayed home to clean house...the big baby shower is this weekend & we are looking forward to having a house full of family & friends....ALLLLLL weekend long!

I'm armed with New Moon & The Blind Side...we are going to wear that leather couch out! ;)

My sister is staying with us for a few days while her hubby is away for business...I guess you could say we are babysitting the pregnant woman...I can't wait! ;)

I'm slooooooowly getting pictures edited from our Disney trip...but, I haven't been on the computer much this week.  

These pics are all of Big O's special birthday day at Disney.  We stayed that the Grand Californian Hotel & they have a special park entrance for their hotel guests to the California Adventure Park...so, he was all over it when the park opened!!  He rode 5 BIG rides the first 45 minutes the park was open...it was a full 20 minutes before people started coming back to the pier (from walking through the park from the main entrance), so he had all the rides to himself!  

He said it was the best birthday present ever!! ;)

I think is second favorite part of his birthday was visiting the Lego store...

of course, we all had fun in there! ;)

Notice my oldest child in the background here...

don't try to tell me I'm not the mayor of Crazytown! LOL
Hope y'all have had a much less crazy week than we have!!

Be back to share again soon (I hope). ;)

Happy Thursday!