Wow, where did the past week GO!?!

We had our first baseball game Friday night...Big O started for the varsity middle school team, I was so proud of him!  However, I think that was the COLDEST baseball game I've ever been to...I ended up downing two cups of McCoffee & hardly slept a wink Friday night (won't do that ma'am!).  

UP we were EARLY Saturday morning...

heading down to Atlanta for our first trip to the SUPERCROSS!

We went with some of our dear, sweet neighbor friends & all their boys (poor Miss O, no girls except the moms).  At home, I like to refer to these guys as our "Dirtbike Posse"...they're a hilarious bunch! ;)

Here's the little boy posse...I can't believe I didn't make the big boys get in there too!

and with Miss O...

We got there EARLY to "walk the floor" in hopes of getting some autographs or catching a glimpse of our favorite riders (which could have been anyone to me, I had no idea who any of these guys were) sure was excting!  

WHAT a crowd!

It was wall to wall people & just kept getting more crowded...I absolutely had no idea that people were so into dirkbike racing!!

The boys (big & little) were like girls in a Sephora store...they were tore up! ;)

Here are a few of the things we saw down there:

(riders finishing with practice & taking their bikes back to camp)

I wish I had a picture of E's face when he turned the other way & saw that bike behind him...

after touring the pit, we decided to head up & watch the riders take practice...
and stop off for a fast shoe shining... ;)

(too funny)
practice was fantastic & taught me right quick that I needed to get some EAR PLUGS before the race that night!!

I didn't take my camera to the race.  It's really heavy & I predicted it would be WAY too crowded to even fool with it (I was correct).  

The race was INCREDIBLE!!  I am usually not into that kind of thing...but, this was AWESOME fun!

and then it was all down hill...

back to the hotel...everyone's whining (exhausted) & has itchy eyes (dust, fumes, benadryl)...before we're even in the car to come home on Sunday morning, Sneaky E is running a raging fever (I seriously think this kid is allergic to hotels or vacations...he gets sick EVERY TIME we go somewhere).

and suddenly it's Wednesday!

BUT, thankfully he's feeling much better...unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for my house or laundry room...
better get up & get to cracking, the afternoon shift is going to be brutal today!!

Happy Wednesday!