We're Home from Disney!

and my FEET 




What a CRAZY FUN week we had...two FABULOUS birthdays last week (mine & Big O's)...had an AWESOME family photo shoot with my sweet friend Shannon...

we did character meals, ran through the gates at 8 am every morning, rode Thunder Mt Railroad a gazillion times, tackled the Tower of Terror (ok, I wimped out at the last second), met Buzz, Mary Poppins, LILO, The Queen of Hearts....we walked & we walked & we walked....& we passed out cold every night (ha)!!!!

But, we had SO MUCH fun & spent SO MUCH money...oh. my. gosh, Disney is expensive....

We got up at 4:30 yesterday morning to get to the airport on time...

traveled all day (great flying weather, thank goodness)

we got off the plane yesterday around 4:30 pm & I could not WAIT for the sun to go down so that I could GO TO BED!!!!



I've got tons of pictures to share & TONS of laundry to do...oh, my!

Here's a bite out of the 600+ pics we took (good golly)...I'll be sharing all week long! :)

and HOP OVER & look at these pictures of my sweet cousin Nat's wedding (you'll have to scroll down a bit, it's the entry titled wedding at the "rancho bernardo inn").  I hate that we didn't make it out to CA in time to attend...the pictures are so beautiful, they made me cry!  

Congratulations, Natalie & Tom!! 

Ok, I'm hopping up...lots to do today!

Hope y'all have a fabulous Saturday!!

(& oh, my...it's so good to be home!!)