The Zoo Crew!

The weather was absolutely GLORIOUS yesterday!

We took everyone to the Nashville Zoo for some sunshine & animal time...

oh, what fun we had! :)

(warning: mucho photo to share)

Our first stop was the bird kids LOVE this attraction & this visit was probably their most memorable yet!  Those colorful birds were so friendly this time!

Big O had one on his shoulder the entire time, he's a natural born animal friend...I think he would be a wonderful vet one day! :)

Look at this shot below, I think that bird is SMILING at him! 

Cousin Mary was also popular with the animals...she made several friends yesterday! ;)

AJ loved watching his mommy with the birds! :)

Baby Eli spent some Zoo time with his Auntie Em...

He was so, so  precious....what a hunk of LOVE! ;)

After a quick bite to eat, we headed down to the goat petting area...

with Sneaky E pushing AJ in the stroller. ;)

Whew, he got a workout! 

Miss O was all about the goats...(since she couldn't get any birds to land on her hand or shoulder).  She was up in their face, talking baby talk...she cracks me up!

I love how she gets this one to "pose" with her...bahah....(that poor animal).

I'm not sure what Big O is discussing with Mary, but I love this shot...I ran up on some pictures from an old Disney trip with these two together & Big O is Sneaky E's size & Mary is still a kid...

Now, he's a big as she is...time just goes by way too fast!

We had a good laugh over the goat that started chasing Mary 
(thanks to Big O)...

especially Sneaky E...he was howling!

The best part of the entire day...(besides getting home & catching a power nap in the recliner)...was seeing the thermostat when we leaving...73 degrees!

AHHHHHH, now I can get used to that! ;)

We're waiting for the rain to hit us now, it's supposed to rain for the next four kids have been outside rolling in the dirt! Ha!

We're thinking of taking the kids to see Alice in Wonderland...have any of you seen it yet?  

Ah, I hear the sounds of fighting know it's spring music to your ears (not)...

Hope your Tuesday is Terrific! :)