Beautiful Thursday!

I sure hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as what we are having today...

blue sky, good breeze, 83 degrees & warm sun shining down on you!

I'm loving it!

(and heading back out there!!)

This was our only group shot while we were in Disney...both Miss O & Sneaky E had their faces painted that day...& this was the only shot out of about 5 takes that Sneaky boy wasn't making a FACE at the cast member taking our picture (that rascal!!)...I think this was also the same day that he fell asleep while sitting up in his chair at dinner time too (hilarious).

I just started editing the pics from Miss O's encounter with the Mad Hatter, Alice & the Queen when she just happened to be dressed up as Miss Alice herself, they are too cute!

Hope y'all are having a 
beautiful, beautiful Thursday too!!