Easter 2010!

Yep, I figured the weekend would blink by!

It was a WONDERFUL weekend filled with family & friends!

Everyone's back at school & work...my house is trashed...but I am ALONE! ;)

Just got off the treadmill & sat down for a quick breakfast before cranking up some "Fly Lady" cleaning & Kenny Chesney on concert level! 


Yes, it's a good day indeed!!  :)

Just wanted to share a few pics of the gang from Easter Sunday...these were after church, before we headed over to Aunt Tisha's for lunch.  

Sadly, I didn't get many (any) good shots...they were HUNGRY & the dogs would not leave them alone (notice the absence of Lil Smokey, he knew I was not interested in a K9 photo shoot...he was standing behind me looking at these two furry clowns & shaking his head!  LOL...Good boy!).


Children & dogs...they wear me out!

Oh, well...

We had a wonderful weekend anyway!  :)

I'll share egg hunt pictures later, there were too many to short through & edit this morning...

Gotta get busy on my list, I want to have time left over to CRAFT before I go pick up my sneaky boy...I'm dying to spray paint something! LOL!!!

Happy Monday!!