Wow, what a week!!
I'm SO glad Friday is's been crazy here this week!

Ballgames, ballgames & more ballgames...our freezer died (lost all my meat, boo), lost my favorite lipstick (I think it jumped out of my purse) & my printer is out ink...

Daddy P & I are heading out today to go on two separate field trips...gotta get to packing on the lunches!

Swim meet tonight, make up baseball game tonight, soccer pictures & game at the crack of dawn tomorrow...


I might sleep all day on Sunday...

gosh, we REALLY need a "day of rest" around here!!

To add to the madness (of course, that's my style), I put a few new straps in my shop....please take a peek if you get a chance. :)

Ok, the coffee's kicking in...I can get going now! ;)

I have a new piece of furniture that I'm going to be working on...I'm thinking of painting BLUE (like these chairs) with a faux glaze (like these chairs at Brooke's kitchen table, TDF!!??

Daddy P "swam" out to an auction last weekend & won this beautiful piece for me...he did SO good!  Be back to share...

Happy Friday!