Goowill Finds!

Sneaky E & I got out yesterday to take some things to our local community help center.  I've been cleaning out cabinets & closets...SHEETS that haven't been seen in YEARS (bu-bye), containers, pots & pans...etc.  It feels good to free up some space!

E had so much fun at the help center (and was being REALLY good for a change), I decided to take him to our local Goodwill too.

We didn't have much luck scoring any furniture or goodies...but we hit the jackpot over on the book isle!

I LOVE books & $25 later I had a new pile for my nightstand AND some really nice children's classics to gather dust put on my pretty red shelves in the playroom!

and did I tell you about what we saw off the back
porch this week?

The first beautiful sunset of the season!

Yep, summer is coming!!!

But first, Sneaky E has to play in his very first soccer game...
expect pics later! ;)

Happy Saturday!